ægir tasting room

Ægir Tasting Room is the perfect place for smaller groups and private events. In rustic style, with delicate

Are they a smaller group and would like a private room for a dive event? Ægir Tasting Room Peisestova is perfect! In rustic style, with delicate details and warm atmosphere - Ægir Smaksrom Peisestova fits all types of arrangements and layers. Here are round and square long tables with comfortable chairs and leather benches. Choose your style - white tablecloths and partying tables, or rustic and rough with beautiful wooden tables. Do they want to show movies or pictures? The room has its own projector and the canvas which is otherwise hidden. The projector lifts down from the ceiling when needed. Take the aperitif around the fireplace in Ægir BryggeriPub before the event starts in Ægir Smaksrom Peisestova. Capacity: About 55 people (together with Flåmstova Restaurant there is room for 150 people).