Order a meal for your group in advance! Flåmsbrygga has a wide selection of menus and several different venues to suit your group. See below for different offers in our venues, and feel free to contact us for a good offer.

VIKINGMENu In ÆGIR BRewpub or ÆGIR tasting room peisestova

Enjoy a tasty meal in Ægir BrewPub or Ægir Tasting Room Peisestova where we gather inspiration from the Viking Era and our very own Ægir Brewery. We use Ægir beer in marinades and sauces, with hops, malt and herbs bringing a distinctive extra dimension to the food. Ægir brews flavoursome beers, both light and dark, that compliment everything from fish and game to chocolate.

Ægir BrewPub is steeped in Viking history, as are the menus on offer. We use local ingredients that would have been familiar in Viking age, but with flavours to suit the modern palate. Embark on a voyage of culinary discovery from 1019 to 2019!


Try Ægir Viking menu for lunch! Fresh salads, fish and shellfish soup, game burgers, or 5- course Viking Plank. Get a new tasting experience by having one of our Ægir beers with every dish!

Group reservations for lunch at Ægir BrewPub in the summer season May 1st. - September 30th. from 12 noon.


We have Viking menus suitable for large and small groups served in the venue most suitable for your group.

  • Ægir Viking Plank - a popular group menu for groups up to 50 people served in a private venue - Ægir Tasting Room Peisestova. Read more!

  • Ægir Viking buffet - large bufet with burgers, meat, sousages, vegetables, salades and dessert for groups with minimum 30 people. View menu!

  • Ægir Viking Feast dinner - experience a Viking inspired meal in rustic atmosphere. Suitable for 10 - 20 people on long timber tables in Ægir BrewPub, up to 50 people in Ægir Tasting Room Peisestova or up to 100 people in Flåmstova Restaurant. All courses will be served on big plates and in bowls on the table to share with your family and friends. View menu!



In Flåmstova you will be greeted by a calm atmosphere in a cozy and casual setting and you can enjoy the view of the harbor and the fjord. The lunch buffet has a rich selection of traditional Norwegian dishes and international cuisine. Here you will find fresh salads and vegetables, meat, baked fish, chicken, wok, vegetarian options, potatoes, rice, bread, and a large dessert table as well as coffee and tea. The ingredients on the buffe will vary from different seasons.

We offer lunch buffet for groups all year!

We serve lunch buffet every day from 11:00 between May and September.

During the winter season, we offer lunch buffet for groups with minimum 30 people.

Try also our 2- and 3 course group menus!


Rustic, delicate and modern restaurant with a private banquet room for big or small groups.

Enjoy a 2- and 3 course menu or try our viking buffet or beer- and food menu!


lunch / dinner

Colorful, modern and cozy, with great views over the harbor and the fjord. Furukroa Cafè is a popular lunch stop and has a rich selection of small dishes, cold and hot dishes, as well as cakes and a coffee bar. We serve soups, traditional dishes, chicken, burgers, pizza and vegetarian for groups in Furukroa Café.