Our story

The exteriors of our complex are modern and yet inspired by Norse building traditions. Inside you will meet an ambience and hospitality that is sure to warm and delight you!”

“The lady of the house, Aud Melås, abandoned a promising career at a successful high-tech firm (and previously as the manager of a Japanese commercial bank) in the USA to found a new business in a fjordside village on one of the arms of the Sognefjord. The couple saw the potential of an investment in tradition, culture and quality oriented to the tourist trade. For with her on her journey back to her roots, Aud had the latest incarnation of Ægir himself – the brewer and barman of the Viking gods – her husband Evan Lewis, with his brewer’s diploma from the Scandinavian School of Brewing in Copenhagen.

The journey that culminated in a microbrewery, banquet hall and hotel (the last opening on the 20th of June 2008) began when the not-yet-beer-enthusiast and rather prim bank manager and businesswoman from Leikanger – high heels, bun and all – met the long-haired musician and brewer Evan Lewis from Rochester in New York State. At first sight maybe they didn’t seem well-matched, but as their relationship grew, they quickly developed a quality brew – that ended up with a new business in Flåm.

She has retained her keen business sense, but the Aud Melås we met in Flåm was as far from the prim and proper power-dresser as could be imagined. She was the most colourful, generous and laughing Freya – goddess of love, beauty and fertility – we could imagine. Her hospitality ushered us into Ægir’s sensuous world, with the master brewer himself by her side, offering the most delightful smells and the most seductive tastes in the many versions of the Ale of the Gods that he brews in the traditional fjordside milieu.”

(Extract from an article by Hans Atle Svenheim in the newspaper Avisa Hordaland).