The story of Ægir

From Norse mythology to a brewery in Flåm

In the Norse mythology, Ægir is described as a giant, the brother of Kári (Wind) and Logi (Fire) and the master of the ocean. Ægir’s hall is lit not by fire but instead by bright gold. Every year he invites the Norse gods to a great feast in his hall, Brime, where the beer and the food are magically transported to the guests and the drinking-horns fill themselves. According to Odin, Ægir brews the best ale. He has the world’s biggest brewing kettle, a mile deep, which Tor stole from the giant Hyme and gave to him. In Ægir’s hall the gods were never allowed to fight, and anyone making trouble was banished for all eternity.

With Ægir as our inspiration, we have created a brewery with adjacent alehouse bearing his name. Both have been a huge success since they opened in June 2007, and a growing number of fine restaurants and pubs throughout Norway insist on serving our beer. We are of the opinion that good beer, like good wine, should fit the occasion and suit your taste; that is why we are proud to offer you quite a selection, with some exciting seasonal variations.

With Ægir and Norse Mythology as a theme, we have created a brewpub bearing his name. The brewery opened in June of 2007 and has been very successful. Our beers are also available at many stores, bars and restaurants in Norway, with new customers being added steadily. We believe that people deserve a choice when it comes to varieties of beer, just as with good food or wine, and it is therefore that we offer many varieties in our beer selection. Our beer list includes primarily ales but also lagers with inspiration from craft breweries throughout the world, especially the USA. Our founder and brewmaster, American Evan Lewis, started homebrewing in 1989 and through both experience and formal education has created his versions of both well-known and more obscure beer styles.

Each of our fermentation vats produces 1000 litres at a time, yielding an annual production of 120,000 litres. Most of what we produce is sold and transported to discerning clients throughout Norway.

Ægir opened a new production brewery in Flåm in June 2012. The new facility has a capacity of 3500 litres per brew, and an annual production capacity of 600,000 litres. The brewery is designed so that this may gradually be increased to 2,000,000 litres per year.

In autumn 2011 Ægir started a distillery in Flåm, in order to expand its offerings. Initially we will be producing an aquavit made from barley, herbs and spices, but there are already plans to add blended and single-malt whisky to our selection.

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