General terms and conditions for booking and cancellation

  1. General terms and conditions
    1.1 The following general terms and conditions apply between Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS and persons entering into an agreement with Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS (i.e. the guest).
    1.2 Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS is responsible for all transactions effected through
    1.3 Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS is responsible for our sub-suppliers receiving payment for whatever the guest has ordered through us. Our sub-suppliers are each responsible for their part of the programme, including full insurance, permits, equipment, staffing, etc., being in accordance with the current laws and regulations applicable to the supplier.
    1.4 Guests must be at least 20 years old to make a booking on This applies to all products and/or services that can be booked on the website in question. To stay overnight at the hotel, at least one person included in the booking must be 20 years old or over.
    1.5 Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS disclaims responsibility for any errors in the guest booking as a result of failure to observe our terms and conditions. The terms and conditions protect you, as a guest, and Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS as distributor.

  2. Bookings
    2.1 A booking is binding as soon as a booking number has been allocated to the guest and payment effected. It is the guest’s responsibility to check that the date of arrival and departure and all other essential aspects of the booking are correct.
    2.2 The agreed prices are binding for both parties. Flåmsbrygga Hotell may adjust prices following an increase in taxes and duties or other circumstances beyond the hotel’s control.

  3. Payment
    3.1 The guest shall pay in full when booking package offers, events and activities via, and present the receipt on arrival. Payments are processed on the website using the 3D Secure payment system.
    3.2 Our partner Teller AS is responsible for secure handling of credit card numbers and security codes in accordance with the requirements defined in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
    3.3 Invoicing of charges shall be agreed in advance, subject to a minimum amount of NOK 5000.

  4. Insurance
    4.1 We recommend that all our customers make sure they have adequate insurance in place for their trip to cover illness, loss of or damage to luggage, accidents, personal liability and similar.

  5. Terms and conditions for all products booked at Flåmsbrygga.
    5.1 Reservation of rooms, activities and packages on our web will be confirmed with bookingnumber on e-mail, after payment by valid card.
    5.2 Cancellation of hotel rooms, activities and packages on
    A cancellation deadline of 48 hours before arrival shall apply. Cancellation after this will be subject to full payment. A valid credit card is required to confirm the booking and any refund will be made to the credit card used to make the booking.
    5.3 Amendment of booking
    Reservation of room, date of arrival/departure, activities and packages may be amended by making cancellation and new reservation. Otherwise by ringing +47 57632050 or e-mailing A fee may be payable in some cases.
    5.4 Terms for groupreservations. 
    Separate terms and conditions apply to group bookings for accommodation, activities and events. Cancellation shall be made in writing by e-mail to
    5.5 Change of accommodation
    5.5.1 Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS has the right to move the guest to equivalent accommodation in the event of circumstances beyond its control. Where possible, the guest shall be informed of such changes in advance. Such changes do not exempt the guest from paying for the stay.
    5.6 Complaints regarding the accommodation venue
    5.6.1 If the guest has complaints concerning the accommodation on arrival or during his/her stay, he/she should contact reception at Flåmsbrygga Hotell as soon as possible so that the issue can be resolved.
    5.6.2 No financial compensation will be provided for complaints raised on departure or subsequently.
    5.6.3 Liability for damage
    The guest, or the person standing as guarantor for the booking, is responsible for damage to premises, equipment and facilities as a result of negligent or irresponsible behaviour.

  6. Cancellation insurance
    When booking packages pursuant to the Norwegian Package Travel Act, the guest may take out cancellation insurance/protection such that he/she is entitled to cancel the booking without charge. Cancellation insurance/protection enables the guest to cancel the booking as a result of sudden or serious illness, accident-related injury or death in the guest’s own household or immediate family (spouse, cohabitant, child, parent, parent-in-law or sibling) that prevents him/her from travelling or makes it irresponsible to do so.Cancellation entitlement also applies if one of the above circumstances affects a travelling companion and it is therefore unreasonable to require you to undertake the package travel without the person in question. The qualifying circumstance shall be documented no later than within one month of when it occurred by providing a doctor’s certificate on a form approved by the Norwegian Medical Association and the Norwegian Travel Trade Association. The premium paid for cancellation insurance/protection is not refunded. If the booking and the price are based on two or more people sharing the same room, the cancellation insurance will cover any additional charges that would otherwise be incurred as a result of the guest being unable to travel as planned.The cancellation insurance also covers events that are of a sudden and serious nature, and of which the customer neither was nor should have been aware when the contract was entered into, and it is not reasonable to require the customer to undertake the trip. Examples of such circumstances include serious damage to property. The qualifying circumstance shall be documented by means of a police report or certificate from the insurance company.

  7. Our sub-suppliers
    As vendor, Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS is responsible to the guest for whatever he/she is entitled to pursuant to the agreement. Responsibility for the services that are provided by parties other than Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS rests with the suppliers themselves. We are responsible for our sub-suppliers receiving payment for the services guests have ordered through us. Our sub-suppliers are each responsible for their part of the programme, including full insurance, permits, equipment, staffing, etc., being in accordance with the current laws and regulations.

  8. Force majeure 
    Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS and our sub-suppliers are not responsible for unsatisfactory weather conditions, closed facilities or other circumstances beyond the company’s control. Errors in information on services and any technical problems that may arise are excepted. The parties may withdraw from the agreement if the product purchased cannot be used because of acts of war, natural disasters, extended interruptions to the water­ or power­supply, and similar events that neither Flåmsbrygga Hotell AS nor the guest could foresee or influence.